How to lose weight without dieting

How to lose weight without dieting

Do you want to not diet and lose weight? Then you can start by changing your lifestyle, making your choices healthier, and raising your awareness of nutrition. Losing weight consists of 3 steps with the shortest known way. These are healthy and adequate nutrition, exercise and sleep.

  Your First and Most Important Step

  It is to increase your awareness of nutrition and integrate healthier options, more fiber, less packaged and ready-to-eat foods, and less sugar use into your life.

 If you do this step by step and willingly, you will start to like this healthy habit you have gained over time, you will crave less harmful things, and you will tend to more healthy foods. At this point, filling your home or workplace with healthy alternatives will also give you an advantage. If chocolates are replaced by fruits, snacks are replaced by nuts, yoghurt or milk, your getaways and hunger crises will also be healthy.

Another Important Step: Exercise

  You can start by making your life more active, getting up from the sofa more often, setting your alarm and getting up every 30 minutes and walking or moving will be good for a start. As your mobility increases, you can gradually incorporate exercise into your life. Mini walks, aerobic movements, maybe even exercise videos that you can do at home will easily carry you forward on this journey.

  Sleep, the Last Step

  Do not look at the end, it is very important both in terms of healthy life and diet. A healthy individual should sleep at least 6 to 10 hours a day, depending on his age. The increase in the appetite of individuals who do not sleep enough has been proven and even the link between eating and sleep has been established directly. The hormone melatonin, which we secrete during sleep at night, is a very key hormone. During sleep, the body repairs, develops and renews itself. If you do not sleep on time and enough, you will not benefit from these possibilities of your body. The body will not be able to rest, repair itself, make up for its deficiencies, and of course, wake up in the morning fit, healthy and rejuvenated.

 As a result, if we first eat healthy and adequately, include exercise in our lives and give due importance to our sleep, losing weight without dieting will be child's play for us. I wish you good games.

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June 28, 2022
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