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Bridal Crowns

Bridal crowns are an indispensable accessory that emphasizes the wedding dress and makes it look even more stylish. Bridal crowns have been used by brides since the past. this has become a kind of tradition and as the years pass, the bridal crowns have also changed and become more magnificent. Bridal crowns, like all other bridal accessories, have different models. Although the most preferred bridal crowns are large models with zircon stones, there are many different models of bridal crowns for those looking for simpler bridal crowns. Also, the colors may differ.

Bridal crowns with zircon stones are generally designed in silver color. The silvers used in the stones make the crown look cooler and can be used for many years without deterioration. They are bridal crowns that can be kept to be used in ceremonies such as the circumcision ceremony of their children in the future. At the same time, they are designed to be particularly light in terms of weight and not be a headache. It has designs in many different patterns and motifs. You can find hundreds of different types, from the largest models to the simplest models, under our bridal crown category.


Bridal Crown Models and Prices

Crystal stone bridal crowns can be a more economical choice than zircon stone bridal crowns. They are designed lighter than zircon stone bridal crowns. When glass stones are added between these bridal crowns, a brighter and radiant appearance is obtained. In general, it has larger stones than zircon stones. If you are looking for a larger stone bridal crown, crystal stone bridal crowns will be more suitable for you. Crystal stones can be produced in different colors, so they become a very suitable type of bridal crown for henna and engagements. The bridal crown with crystal stone, which you can find in any color you want, is an alternative that you can keep for many years without deteriorating and without changing its color.

It has not been many years since hair accessories have been an alternative to crowns, but every bride loves this type of hair accessories. It looks simpler, does not cause serious weight on the head, and many different types can be found easily. Hair accessories, which are generally made of silver and adorned with zircon stones, are a simple alternative that you can use on smooth or collected hair. Not only with zircon stones, but also with crystal or glass stones, designed with pearls or produced from dried flowers, also stand out. Hair accessories, which you can find in almost any color, are an alternative that you can use later on a special day.

Buy Bridal Crowns

Silver bridal stones appear as a lighter bridal crown with the least amount of stones. While it becomes very stylish and eye-catching with carvings that resemble stone, it does not cause any weight at first, since stone is not used except for large details. Silver bridal crowns, which have become a very economical alternative, are an elegant bridal crown alternative that can be easily stored for many years and will not cause deterioration and wear.

Bridal crowns are also sold as a set with earrings. It is produced in different color tones to harmonize with the jewelry you will use at your wedding. It can be designed in different colors such as gold color, honey color and silver color. At the same time, bridal crowns with stones of different colors such as red and green, which are specially designed, are under our categories.

All our bridal crowns are made of first quality materials and are designed to be preserved for many years. It is specially packaged to prevent any deformation during transportation. The zircon or crystal stones of our bridal crowns do not spill during use, and there is no deterioration in their models.

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