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Henna Supplies

Henna nights are a very nice organization that has been going on for centuries in our culture and is organized for the bride before the wedding ceremony, for women to have fun among themselves. Henna is applied to the bride at henna nights, and many different materials are needed during this henna ceremony. At the same time, henna organizations have started to differ and new traditions have started to emerge, which may require separate materials. Procuring these materials and finding the best quality but the most economical is a job in itself. It is also an important issue that these purchases can be provided in a complete manner from a single address.

Henna supplies are now offered for sale in sets. It is possible to find additional products on our website, which is also for sale. These sets, consisting of a bouquet, a face cover, a hairy buff, a belt with a name written on it, a boutonniere and henna gloves, complete the bride and groom. In general, these sets consist of red colors, as is our custom.

Henna Materials Models and Prices

In another set option, there are knuckles with name inscription, feather pen, fan, wedding hat and gloves instead of face cover. These varieties are created according to how the henna organization will be done.

Face covers are among the indispensables of henna nights. The face veil is laid on the bride's head while henna is applied. There are different types of these covers and they are generally designed from tulle fabric, laser cut tulle is decorated with flowers, pearls and stones. There are also crescent and star models. It is one of the most noted henna materials with its delicate appearance. Face covers can also be sold as a set with gloves and belt.

Fans are a preferred product among henna materials in recent years. It is a henna material that can replace the bridal bouquet and is used while dancing at the henna opening. Fans are generally designed with feathers. Almost every color is among the items for sale on our site.

Buy Henna Supplies

Henna baskets are among the indispensable materials in henna organizations. It is specially designed to put the henna tray and we also make two baskets as a set to be used to distribute henna to the guests. You can easily find the color you want. They can be stored for long periods to be used in later organizations. They are designed with satin fabrics decorated with feathers, beads or pearls.

When henna is applied to the grooms, the groom's henna covers are also specially designed. They are generally produced in green colors and decorated with traditional motifs such as the Ottoman monogram. They are used to cover the shoulders of the grooms while henna is applied next to the bride.

Henna packages for distribution are small decorated boxes in which the henna is packaged in powder or wet form. It can be supplied in a single color or mixed color and in packs of 100. It is a savior piece for henna to be distributed in henna.

You can also examine the henna materials, which are offered for sale as a single item, such as hand rose, smoke bomb, henna candle, led candle, pin holder, halay handkerchief, and tambourine. In bulk purchases, the stocks are constantly updated and you can purchase as much as you want. All of our henna materials are produced from first class materials and are resistant to deformations. At the same time, all your purchases are specially packaged in order to avoid any damage in the cargo, and they are delivered to you in 3-5 days via contracted cargo companies. All henna materials are delivered to you completely. You can choose money order, eft, cash on paper, paper credit card payment or online shopping, and you can benefit from installment options. With the contracted cargo companies, all your products are delivered to the address you give at once.

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