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Bridal Bouquet / Bride Flower

The bridal bouquet is one of the indispensable accessories of a bride. In simple wedding ceremonies such as wedding night, henna, engagement and wedding, the bridal flower should be chosen in harmony with the wedding dress. Bridal bouquets, chosen in colors compatible with the wedding dress, add an elegant atmosphere to the bride. Bridal bouquets, which used to be made from fresh or artificial flowers, can now be prepared using many different materials. You can buy a single bridal bouquet, or you can buy a bridal bouquet as a set together with the tiara, groom's boutonniere, gloves, pouch and bridal bouquet.

Although bridal flower sets, which have become fashionable in recent years, are generally made of artificial flowers, they look as beautiful as fresh flowers. These sets include boutonniere, bridal flower, crown, pouch and gloves. Thanks to this set, you can have all the list you need at the wedding with a single set. When you buy the bridal bouquet set, you will both get a harmonious look and buy a bouquet set at once in an economical way that you will not have to worry about buying one by one. Dried artificial flowers do not shed and look as elegant as fresh flowers. These sets, which you can choose especially in the summer months, will make you a colorful and vivacious bride. It is a bridal bouquet set that will suit country wedding concepts very well.

Bridal Bouquet Models and Prices

Wouldn't you like a bridal bouquet designed from velvet fabrics? There are beautiful velvet bridal bouquets among our bridal bouquet sets. At the same time, there are bridal crowns to match with the bouquets in these sets. When these sets, which reflect the elegant appearance of the velvet fabric, are designed as bridal flowers, an image very close to the real flower image is obtained. Moreover, you can keep these bouquets as a souvenir for many years.

Real shocked bridal bouquets are among the most popular bridal bouquets of recent years. These flowers are generally prepared by shocking and drying fresh flowers in order not to lose their natural appearance. They are more preferred in outdoor shootings. Thanks to the natural-looking artificial flowers added between them, it minimizes shedding and deterioration. They are realistic and stylish bouquets that can be used as home decor for many years after the wedding. Colors can be changed upon request. There are also varieties combined with boutonniere, gloves and feathered pens as a set.


Buy Bride Flowers

If you want your bridal bouquet to be a blend of completely dried flowers, you can easily find them among our categories. Our dried flower bridal bouquets, which are designed not to spill and deteriorate in a short time, are perfect for summer weddings. Moreover, our dried bridal bouquets have a unique and harmonious design with their crowns.

It is possible to find combinations of all the flowers you can think of among all our bridal bouquets. Bridal bouquets in dark colors, medium tones or soft tones, tulips, roses, daisies, orchids and many more different kinds of bridal bouquets are among the indispensables of every season, especially the summer season. It is possible to find it easily among our bridal bouquets, whether it is a mixed-colored bridal flower, a light-colored bridal bouquet, or even if it is a bridal bouquet in medium tones but more noble colors. All of our flowers are prepared exactly as in the images. It is delivered to your door with special packages. It is specially packaged to avoid any damage during delivery. In this way, it is delivered to your address as soon as possible without the slightest breakage and spillage.

All of our products are produced from first quality materials and are delivered free of charge to the address you provide, with easy payment options, installment opportunities, secure payment infrastructure and the best price guarantee.
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