How to Make Up and Which Materials to Use

How to Make Up and Which Materials to Use

Makeup is the most powerful weapon of women. If make-up materials are used correctly, the resulting female image will be eye-catching.

 Things to Consider While Doing Makeup

 There are many brands of make-up available today. First of all, attention should be paid to the quality of the material used. Although the cosmetic products of known and reliable brands are a little high in price, they are the products that should be preferred in terms of quality. Care should be taken not to use unheard of, cheap, under the stairs products. Because these products can cause skin irritation and worse, permanent damage. After acquiring quality products, it is necessary to decide how to make a make-up. Care should be taken to ensure that the make-up is clean and even. Care should be taken not to mix and contaminate the product used in one area with the product used in another area.
 Products Used in Make-Up 

 There are many products used in make-up. These can be increased or decreased at will. These products are; foundation, concealer, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, powder, pencil, blush, contour, highlighter, powder, lipstick, lip liner, perfume.
 How to Make Up?

 First, the skin is moisturized. Sunscreen can be applied upon request. The process to be followed afterwards is optional. Either skin make-up is done after eye make-up or eye make-up is done after skin make-up is done. In general, eye makeup is preferred first. The narration will proceed in this way. After the skin is moistened, a light, nude eyeshadow or concealer that will equalize the tone of the eyelid is applied to the eyelid. Afterwards, the desired color is selected and applied on the eyeshadow or concealer that was applied before. Multiple colors can be used at this stage. A dark color can be applied to the crease area to give depth to the eye. This is optional. After these processes are completed, the eyelashes are drawn symmetrically from the bottom of the eyelashes. Mascara is applied to the eyelashes.

For skin make-up, first of all, foundation is applied to the face, and then concealer is applied to the custody and troubled areas. All powder fixing powder is used. Cheekbones are highlighted with contours. The nose, forehead and chin are shaped. Blush is applied on the contoured area. Highlighter is applied on the cheekbone, on the nose, under the eyebrows and on the places where it is desired to shine. A lip frame is created with a lip liner. Lipstick is applied inside the frame. Make-up is complete. There is no rule that says make-up should be done like this. The desired material can be added or removed. It depends on the person doing the make-up.

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July 06, 2022
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