Radish Grass Salad Recipe

Radish Grass Salad Recipe
If you are looking for an easy and delicious salad recipe; You can try the radish herb salad recipe and increase the taste level of your table.
Ingredients for Radish Grass Salad
• 1 kilo of radish
•    Salt
• Olive oil
• 1 lemon juice
•    Garlic
Making Radish Grass Salad
The chopped radish is thoroughly washed. Radish grass, which is washed several times in order to be washed well, is boiled for 10 minutes after it is cleaned well. After being boiled, the strained radish herb is taken to a serving plate. Add desired amount of salt and olive oil to a separate bowl for the sauce. Juice of one lemon is squeezed and added to the sauce, and crushed garlic is added to this mixture and mixed well. The sauce can be added to the radish herb salad and served after mixing well. For a different presentation, if desired, the presentations can be colored with sliced ​​lemons or olives.
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July 05, 2022
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