Wholesale White Beaded Gloves

Wholesale White Beaded Gloves (TPTNVNS-052)

Price : 5.62 USD(Vat included)

Tulle and Lace Gloves are an accessory used at weddings, weddings and special occasions.< /span>



Artır Azalt
Sale is for one pair.

Cream Gloves, Voilet and Wedding Hat are the perfect combination for those who want to achieve an elegant and stylish look. This trio consists of important accessories that will complete your style on special occasions and events.

The Cream Glove is a classic piece that emphasizes the elegance of your hands. This glove, which covers the fingers and extends to the wrist, is decorated with elegant cream-coloured lace or embroidered details. This glove, which highlights your hands and adds an elegant touch, is an ideal option to complete your elegance.

Vualet is an important accessory that adorns your head and completes your style. The cream colored veil has a design that fits your head harmoniously and provides an elegant look. Details such as lace or tulle make the valet even more attractive. It is a perfect choice to decorate your head on special occasions or events.

The Wedding Hat is an important detail that complements the style of brides or brides-to-be. The cream colored wedding hat sits elegantly on your head and matches perfectly with the cream gloves and veil. Lace or embroidered details on the hat emphasize your elegance and elegance.

The Cream Gloves, Voilet and Wedding Hat set is ideal for those who want to achieve a glamorous look on special occasions or events. This triple combination brings together elegance, elegance and style, making you stand out. You can choose this trio for an unforgettable look.

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