Wholesale White Lace Feather Gloves

Wholesale White Lace Feather Gloves (TPTNVNS-47)

Price : 4.36 USD(Vat included)

White Lace Feather Gloves


Artır Azalt
It is a special stylish product that you can use on special occasions such as weddings, proms, henna parties and after parties.

White Lace Tufted Gloves are a special accessory that combines elegance and femininity. This glove is the perfect complement for special events, weddings or special occasions.

The lace details of the white glove are designed with fine workmanship and create an elegant look on your hand. The feathered decorations on the upper part add movement and lightness to the glove.

This glove has a design with open fingertips, which offers you a comfortable use and allows you to move your hands freely. It fits perfectly on your dress or outfit, completing your elegance.

White Lace Tufted Gloves are a stylish option that will give you a sophisticated look on your special occasions and complete your style. You will feel elegant and special with this glove, and you will attract attention at every step.

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