Wholesale White Finger Model Lacy Gloves

Wholesale White Finger Model Lacy Gloves (TPTNVNS-26)

Price : 3.47 USD(Vat included)

Tulle and Lace Gloves are an accessory used at weddings, weddings and special occasions.< /span>



Artır Azalt

Sold for One Pair.

In this article, I will briefly introduce the white finger model lace glove.

This glove, which is a special design of Hayalperest Boncuk, is elegant and stylish. It has style. The white color gives the glove a pure and elegant look, matching it perfectly with your wedding dress. Thanks to the finger model, the elegance and details of the glove become more evident as your fingers remain exposed.

The white finger model lace glove is an important accessory that must be complemented with the wedding dress. While lace details add elegance, sophistication and romance to the glove, the finger model emphasizes the beauty of your fingers and highlights your hands. This glove is in perfect harmony with your wedding dress and gives you a stylish and impressive look.

The product is made of high quality materials and carefully designed. The lace details are thin and elegant, completing the glove stylishly and fitting your hands perfectly. It is an accessory that you can use for a long time thanks to its durable structure.

White finger model lace gloves are designed to be used at weddings, weddings or other special events. It is a perfect option for brides looking for an elegant and stylish style. This glove reflects your originality while adding elegance and sophistication to your hands.

If you are looking for an elegant, stylish and romantic bridal glove, you can choose the white finger model lace glove with the assurance of Hayalperest Boncuk. This glove offers you a unique style and helps you create an unforgettable style on your special day.

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