Wholesale White Long Tulle Bridal Gloves

Wholesale White Long Tulle Bridal Gloves (TPTNE072)

Price : 5.68 USD(Vat included)

White Long Tulle Bridal Gloves


Artır Azalt
White Long Tulle Bridal Gloves, Long Bridal Gloves and Wedding Hat. Tulle Wedding Hat Cap is an accessory model used at weddings and special occasions.

White Long Tulle Bridal Gloves are a special accessory that brings elegance and romance together. This glove is designed to add a fairytale touch to your wedding dress experience.

The upper part of the glove is decorated with elegant white tulle. This tulle detail gives the glove a lightness and dreamy look. Its long design creates an effect that extends along your arm and provides an elegant flow.

White Long Tulle Bridal Gloves are made of high quality materials and offer comfortable use. The glove, with its fingertips exposed, does not restrict your hand movements and allows you to move with confidence.

This glove fits perfectly with the wedding dress and completes your wedding dress look. It gives you elegance and a charming look while creating a romantic and fairy-tale atmosphere.

White Long Tulle Bridal Gloves are an ideal option for those looking for a dreamy style with their wedding dress. This accessory completes your wedding dress and offers you an unforgettable wedding dress experience. It creates a romantic atmosphere with its fairytale tulle details.

If you are looking for a romantic and fairytale style, White Long Tulle Bridal Gloves may be the ideal choice for you. You can feel like a princess with this special accessory and make your wedding dress experience unforgettable.

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