Beyaz Yarım Parmak Dantelli Gelin Eldiveni
Beyaz Yarım Parmak Dantelli Gelin Eldiveni

Wholesale White Half Finger Lace Bridal Gloves (TPTNE011)

Price : 3.95 USD(Vat included)

White Half Finger Lace Bridal Gloves


Artır Azalt
White Half Finger Lace Bridal Gloves are a Special Stylish Product That You Can Use on Special Occasions Such as Wedding, Prom, Henna Invitation and After Party.

This white half finger lace bridal glove is an ideal option for brides looking for an elegant and stylish look. Adorned with fine embroidery, the glove is designed to perfectly match the wedding dress.

This elegant bridal glove has a white color tone and is designed to cover half of the fingers. Lace details on the fingertips add a romantic atmosphere to the glove and wrap it elegantly around the bride's hands.

The glove is made of high quality materials and comes with carefully crafted details. This ensures durability and longevity, so the bride can use the gloves with confidence on her special day.

White half finger lace bridal gloves offer a classic and elegant style. The half-finger design complements the look in harmony with the wedding dress and showcases the bride's hands.

This bridal glove stands out as one of the most important accessories of the wedding. Emphasizing elegance and elegance, this glove makes the bride feel special on her special day.

Complete your look with the white half-finger lace bridal glove, which is not only an accessory at your wedding, but also a piece that reflects your style. This glove will offer you an unforgettable style on your special day.

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