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Kartal Tüyü 1 Metre
Kartal Tüyü 1 Metre
Kartal Tüyü 1 Metre

Eagle Feather 1 Meter (TCTT018)

Price : 8.39 USD(Vat included)

Eagle Feather 1 Meter


Artır Azalt
Eagle Feather 1 Meter Eagle Feather 1 mt Product Sold as Meter. When you order 1 piece, 1 meter of our product will be sent to you. You Can Choose How Many Mt You Want From The Piece Section. The width of the product is 13-15 cm. You can use the product by sewing or sticking it in all your designs and various decorations according to your imagination. Used in Bags, Clothes, Special Costumes, Many Hobby Decorations.
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