JanJanlı Taşlı Maske Aksesuar
JanJanlı Taşlı Maske Aksesuar

Wholesale JanJanli Stone Mask Accessory (TPTNVNS-38)

Price : 8.04 USD(Vat included)



Artır Azalt
An accessory used in weddings, weddings and special occasions is sold for one piece.

Janjanli Stone Mask Accessory is a stylish accessory that allows you to get a glamorous look at special events or invitations. This mask will make you feel special and elegant.

The mask has an elegant design that covers your face. Pearl, stone or sparkling details on it give the mask a dazzling appearance. This bright and eye-catching accessory is a detail that will complete your elegance.

Janjanli Stone Mask Accessory is designed to be used in all kinds of special events. It is an ideal option to complement the style of brides or guests at events or weddings. The mask elegantly adorns your face while also providing protection.

If you are looking for a stylish and eye-catching accessory for a special event or invitation, the Janjanli Stone Mask Accessory may be the perfect choice for you. With this accessory, you can both complete your elegance and attract attention. You can choose this mask to get an unforgettable look.

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