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Jewelry Making Material Starter Set

Jewelry Making Material Starter Set (TYM0100)

Price : 16.31 USD(Vat included)

Jewelry Making Material Starter Set


Artır Azalt
Jewelry Making Material Starter Set
Gold Witch Nail 10 Pieces
Gold Knot Closure 10 Pieces
Gold Chain 1 Meter
Gold Rosary and Jewelry Ring 5 Grams
Gold Sailor Key Chain Ring 5 Pieces
Gold Needle Lace Apparatus 6 Pieces
Gold Flower Rondale 20 Pieces
Gold Bracelet and Necklace Closure Clip 5 Gram
Gold Crocodile Closure 20 Pieces
Gold Earring Apparatus 10 Pairs
Imitation Double-Sided Gold Bracelet Apparatus
Gold Jewelry Nails 6 Grams
Gold Lip Apparatus 15 Gram
Gold Strainer Clip Earring Apparatus 2 Pairs
Gold Ring Apparatus 2 Pieces
Gold 6 Pieces Scarf Apparatus
Black Elastic Line 8 Mm 1 Piece
White Elastic Line 6 Mm 1 Piece
Silver Jewelry Wire 1 Piece
Bead Needle 1 Pack
White Bead Thread 1 Piece
Black Parachute Rope 10 Meters
White Parachute Rope 10 Meters
Stylish Stylish Scissors 1 Piece
Karganose - Pliers 1 Piece
There are 25 Jewelry Material Apparatuses. It is used in making necklace, bracelet, anklet.
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