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Jewelry Making Material Wooden Beads Set

Jewelry Making Material Wooden Beads Set (TYM0102)

Price : 25.58 USD(Vat included)

Jewelry Making Material Wooden Beads Set


Artır Azalt
Jewelry Making Material Starter Set
Powder Waxed Thread 10 Meters
White Waxed Rope 10 Meters
Red Waxed Rope 10 Meters
Black Waxed Thread 10 Meters
Colorful Small Round Wooden Beads 50 Gram
Colorful Square Wooden Beads 50 Gram
Colorful Big Round Wooden Beads 50 Gram
Black Suede Rope 5 Meters
White Suede Rope 5 Meters
Black Knitted Rope 2 Meters
Pink Knitting Rope 2 Meters
White Knitted Rope 2 Meters
Gold Witch Nail 10 Pieces
Gold Knot Closure 10 Pieces
Gold Chain 1 Meter
Gold Rosary and Jewelry Ring 5 Grams
Gold Sailor Key Chain Ring 5 Pieces
Gold Needle Lace Apparatus 6 Pieces
Gold Flower Rondale 20 Pieces
Gold Bracelet and Necklace Closure Clip 5 Gram
Gold Crocodile Closure 20 Pieces
Gold Earring Apparatus 10 Pairs
Imitation Double-Sided Gold Bracelet Apparatus
Gold Jewelry Nails 6 Grams
Gold Lip Apparatus 15 Gram
Gold Strainer Clip Earring Apparatus 2 Pairs
Gold Ring Apparatus 2 Pieces
Gold 6 Pieces Scarf Apparatus
Black Elastic Line 8 Mm 1 Piece
White Elastic Line 6 Mm 1 Piece
Silver Jewelry Wire 1 Piece
Bead Needle 1 Pack
White Bead Thread 1 Piece
Black Parachute Rope 10 Meters
White Parachute Rope 10 Meters
Stylish Stylish Scissors 1 Piece
Karganose - Pliers 1 Piece
There are 37 Jewelry Material Apparatuses. It is used in making necklace, bracelet, anklet.
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