Krem Dantelli Eldiven-Vualet Nikah Şapkası
Krem Dantelli Eldiven-Vualet Nikah Şapkası

Wholesale Cream Lace Gloves-Vualet Wedding Hat (TPTNVNS-002)

Price : 11.31 USD(Vat included)



Artır Azalt
Wedding Hats with Voile are sold by quantity.

The Cream Lace Gloves and Voilet Wedding Hat is a special bridal accessory that combines an elegant and vintage style. This product offers a nostalgic touch and elegance to your wedding dress experience.

Cream colored lace gloves are decorated with elegant and fine details. There are lace embroideries and pearl details on the fingertips. These details add a romantic atmosphere to the glove and provide an elegant look on your hand.

The Vualet wedding hat has a cream-colored and lacy design. The lace embroidery and elegant details on the hat create a harmonious integrity with the wedding dress. The hat, which has a classic style, adds a vintage atmosphere to your wedding dress.

Cream Lace Gloves and Voilet Wedding Hat are special accessories that complete your wedding dress experience. This combination gives you a unique style and elegant look. It is an ideal option for brides who love vintage style.

If you want to have a nostalgic wedding dress experience and prioritize elegance, Cream Lace Gloves and Voilet Wedding Hat may be the perfect choice for you. With these accessories, you can make your wedding dress experience unforgettable and attract all attention.

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