Sarı Taşlı Maske Aksesuar
Sarı Taşlı Maske Aksesuar

Wholesale Yellow Stone Mask Accessory (TPTNVNS-40)

Price : 8.04 USD(Vat included)



Artır Azalt
An accessory used in weddings, weddings and special occasions is sold for one piece.

Yellow Stone Mask Accessory is an eye-catching accessory that will complement your style and elegance at special events and invitations. This mask provides protection while also giving you a sophisticated look.

The mask has an elegant design that beautifully emphasizes your facial features. The yellow stones on it add shine and elegance to the mask, while also attracting attention. This accessory is the perfect complement for a stylish and special event.

Yellow Stone Mask Accessory will make you feel special at special events or weddings. Yellow stones add an elegant sparkle to the mask, beautifying your face. At the same time, it preserves the functionality of the mask and provides you with comfort throughout the event.

If you are attending an event where you want to highlight your style and elegance, the Yellow Stone Mask Accessory may be an ideal option for you. With this accessory, you can keep both safety and style together and get an unforgettable look.

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