Wholesale Satin Lycra Bridal Gloves 21 Cm Dance & Opera Gloves

Wholesale Satin Lycra Bridal Gloves 21 Cm Dance & Opera Gloves (TPTNtrnd192)

Price : 7.38 USD(Vat included)

Satin Lycra Bridal Gloves 21 Cm Dance & Opera Glove


Artır Azalt
Sold as 1 Pair. It is production. Glove length is 37-38 cm. Long Flexible Satin Bridal Gloves. Can Also Be Used As 1920's Evening Party, Dance Gloves And Opera Gloves. (Superior quality) Satin gloves are made of high quality Lycra satin. It is long lasting and comfortable to use. The stitches are neat and the fabric looks shiny. It can be used for a long time. Satin gloves are 37-38 cm long from fingertip to tip. Finger length is 9 cm. It fits your hands perfectly and never falls off. Not too tight or too loose. One size fits all. (Attractive design)Stylish, classic and silky design. Make yourself stand out and attract people's attention. (Easy to use) The night glove can be easily put on and taken off. Perfect for party lovers. Long gloves match Flapper dresses well. Suitable for all kinds of special occasions, such as wedding party, costume party, prom, opera performance, stage performance. 


Title: "The Complement of Dance and Glamour: Crown Your Elegance with Satin Lycra Bridal Gloves"

One of the special collections of Hayalperest Boncuk. Satin Lycra Bridal Gloves offer brides-to-be an elegant symbol of dance and panache. In this blog post, we will focus on the elegance and special design of the Satin Lycra Bridal Gloves.

1. Thin and Light Design: Satin Lycra Bridal Gloves offer comfortable use to brides-to-be with their thin and light design. It allows you to move your hands freely while dancing and also highlights your elegance.

2. The Perfect Dance of Lycra and Satin Harmony:The perfect combination of lycra and satin materials of this glove, combined with the details on the fingertips, adds an elegant touch to the bride-to-be. Lycra ensures that the glove fits your hands perfectly and makes you feel comfortable while dancing.

3. Adapts to the Rhythm of Dance: Satin Lycra Bridal Gloves help you turn every move into an aesthetic show by highlighting your elegance while dancing. You will shine on the dance floor and attract attention.

4. Different Color Options: There are different color options in Hayalperest Boncuk's collection. Brides-to-be can choose from Satin Lycra Bridal Gloves in matching or contrasting colors with their wedding dresses.

5. Eye-Catching Fingertips:The elegant details on the fingertips of the gloves make your hands more attractive and ensure that you are in perfect harmony with the wedding dress. Its eye-catching design allows it to become a complementary element not only for the glove but also for your entire wedding dress.

For brides-to-be looking for the perfect combination of dance, show and elegance, Satin Lycra Bridal Gloves are an ideal option that will make their special day unforgettable. This glove offers brides-to-be not only an accessory, but also a work of art that will make them feel special.

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