Siyah Dantel Desenli Eldiven
Siyah Dantel Desenli Eldiven

Wholesale Black Lace Patterned Gloves (TPTNVNS-055)

Price : 6.25 USD(Vat included)

Tulle and Lace Gloves are an accessory used at weddings, weddings and special occasions.< /span>



Artır Azalt
Sale is for one pair.

Black Lace Patterned Gloves are a perfect option for confident and stylish women. This glove appeals to those looking for a look full of elegance and mystery.

The black color choice of the glove creates a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere. Lace patterns add an elegant touch to the gloves. Lace details are carefully embroidered on every piece of the glove and decorated with fine details. In this way, the glove offers an impressive appearance.

Black Lace Patterned Gloves have a design that extends to the wrist and covers some of the fingers. In this way, it creates an effect that elegantly wraps and emphasizes your hands. Lace patterns emphasize the elegance and femininity of the glove.

This glove is the perfect complementary accessory at special events, evening receptions or parties. It reflects your style with its stylish and eye-catching appearance and harmonizes perfectly with your dresses. Black Lace Patterned Gloves will make you feel special and add a sophisticated touch to your style.

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