Siyah Tüylü Eldiven
Siyah Tüylü Eldiven

Wholesale Black Feather Gloves (TPTNVNS-33)

Price : 4.36 USD(Vat included)

Tulle and Lace Gloves are an accessory used at weddings, weddings and special occasions.< /span>



Artır Azalt
Sale is for one pair.

Black Tufted Gloves are a bold and eye-catching bridal accessory. This glove aims to add a unique look to your wedding dress experience.

The black glove stands out with its furry details on the fingers. Feathers add a lively and distinctive touch to the glove. Feathers combined with the nobility of black color offer you an eye-catching style.

Black Feather Gloves are an ideal option for brides who want to add difference and courage to their wedding dress experience. This glove gives you a unique style and dazzling look. Feathered details make the gloves even more attractive.

If you want to add a different touch to your wedding dress experience and create a bold style, Black Feather Gloves may be the perfect choice for you. You can feel special, express your style and have an unforgettable wedding dress experience with this accessory.

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