Wholesale Anthracite Smoked Henna Model Bridal Henna Crown

Wholesale Anthracite Smoked Henna Model Bridal Henna Crown (TPTNKNTC213)

Price : 31.30 USD(Vat included)

Wholesale Anthracite Smoked Henna Model Bridal Henna Crown


Artır Azalt

Anthracite Smoked Henna Model Bridal Henna Crown. Handcrafted Henna Crown Model, which is the most preferred by brides as an accessory on their Henna Dresses. Bridal Henna Crown, a hair accessory that can be preferred by brides who want an eye-catching and elegant accessory. This elegant henna crown is a stylish and eye-catching accessory that brides can use on their special days.

The combination of anthracite, smoked and henna colors gives the bridal crown a sophisticated and elegant look. While anthracite blends harmoniously with the bride's hair with the richness of gray tones, the smoked color reflects a modern and stylish feeling of the crown. The henna color offers a warm and vibrant touch reminiscent of traditional henna rituals.

This henna crown is carefully designed and detailed by hand. It is decorated with exquisite details such as pearls, stones and beads. The product also attracts attention with its flexible structure designed to allow brides' hair to adapt to any shape.

Henna nights, which have a special meaning for brides, are one of the most important rituals of the pre-marriage period. The bridal henna crown that will accompany this special night can be a perfect option to emphasize the beauty and elegance of the bride. Combining both a traditional and modern style, this henna crown will help brides to achieve an unforgettable look.

Anthracite, smoked and henna model bridal henna crown, available on Hayalperestboncuk.com.tr, is offered to brides-to-be. offers a unique option. This magnificent accessory can be the ideal choice for brides to add elegance and elegance to their look on their special day.

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