Wholesale Burgundy Hürrem Bridal Henna Crown

Wholesale Burgundy Hürrem Bridal Henna Crown (TPTNKNTC021)

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Wholesale Burgundy Hürrem Bridal Henna Crown


Artır Azalt

Claret Red Hürrem Bridal Henna Crown is the Colorful Handcrafted Henna Crown Model, which is the most preferred by brides as an accessory on their Henna Dresses. Bridal Henna Crown, which can be the choice of brides who want a very eye-catching and elegant accessory, and  If you wish, we have a model that can be used as a crown on a headscarf.


Burgundy Hürrem Bridal Henna Crown: An Eye-Catching and Elegant Accessory"

Burgundy Hürrem Bridal Henna Crown It is a unique accessory that brides-to-be can use on their special days. This henna crown, carefully designed by Hayalperest Boncuk, adds beauty to the brides and transforms them into princesses.

This elegant henna crown consists of a combination of burgundy colored pearls, beads and stones. Drawing attention with its unique design, Hürrem Bridal Henna Crown is carefully crafted in every detail. While the burgundy color creates an eye-catching contrast in harmony with the wedding dress, pearls and stones create a sparkling effect.

Hürrem Bridal Henna Crown is a traditional Inspired by the henna tray worn by brides at Turkish weddings, this crown that brides wear on their heads not only adds elegance and magnificence to them, but also reflects the richness of Turkish culture.

This unique henna crown is specially designed for each bride. This handcrafted accessory offers brides an option to reflect their personal style. This crown, which adapts to the bride's hairstyle and adorns her head, adds originality and elegance to her on her wedding day.

Burgundy Hürrem Bridal Henna Crown is preferred not only on brides' wedding days, but also on engagements, henna nights and other special events. It is an accessory that can be used. Thanks to its special design, it will accompany the brides' unforgettable memories and offer them a unique look.

The Claret Red Hürrem Bridal Henna Crown, one of the high quality and original designs of Hayalperest Boncuk, is an option that will make brides feel like princesses on their most special days. With its eye-catching details and elegant design, this henna crown will be the accessory of every bride's dreams.


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