Wholesale Silver Color Shuttle Stone Bridal Crown

Wholesale Silver Color Shuttle Stone Bridal Crown (TPTNKGT114)

Price : 12.59 USD(Vat included)

Wholesale Silver Color Shuttle Stone Bridal Crown


Artır Azalt

Silver Colored Shuttle Stone Bridal Crown

This silver colored shuttle stone bridal crown, which you can find from Hayalperest Boncuk, is an elegant and eye-catching option. Designed to perfectly match the wedding dress, this bridal crown is an important accessory that completes the wedding dress experience.

Offering a modern look with its silver-colored design, this bridal crown also has classic and elegant details. The sparkling shine of the shuttle stones beautifully reflects the reflection of light on the wedding dress and emphasizes the beauty of the bride-to-be.

This bridal crown is carefully handcrafted and made of high quality materials. The quality of the crown, every detail of which has been meticulously processed, will not let you down on your special day. In addition, the bridal crown, designed to fit comfortably on your head, is an option that you can easily use throughout the day.

This elegant bridal crown will add a special atmosphere to your wedding and complete your look. This bridal crown, which you can choose not only for brides but also for engagements and special events, is a stylish accessory that will accompany you in your special moments.

If you are looking for an elegant, eye-catching and modern bridal crown, this is a silver-colored shuttle stone bridal crown. The crown might be just for you. You can have an unforgettable wedding experience by choosing this special design of Hayalperest Boncuk.

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