Wholesale Pedro Stone Bridal Henna Crown

Wholesale Pedro Stone Bridal Henna Crown (TPTNKGT378)

Price : 9.26 USD(Vat included)

Wholesale Pedro Stone Bridal Henna Crown


Artır Azalt

Pedro Stone Bridal Henna Crown is a Pedro Stone Bridal Henna Design Product. It is sold as 1 piece. Brides can choose the crown that best suits their clothes during henna ceremonies and photo shoots. Among them, 7*15 Glass Shuttle, Damla Ss 12 and Ss 16 Number Strip Colored Beyoğlu Stone Beads are used. They are processed and combined with solder one by one in sand molds. It is very durable.

Hayalperest Boncuk is a brand that accompanies you with elegant and eye-catching accessories on your special days. Pedro Stone Bridal Henna Crown is one of the unique and stylish designs of this brand. This special accessory, used especially in brides' henna nights, is designed to add elegance to traditional henna ceremonies.

Pedro Stone Bridal Henna Crown guarantees to be the center of attention of the guests, especially the bride. This henna crown, placed on the bride's head like a crown, offers an impressive appearance and emphasizes the beauty of the bride. The product is carefully designed using high quality materials and detailed with hand workmanship. Pedro stones add an elegant sparkle to the product and offer a dazzling appearance.

The design of the Pedro Stone Bridal Henna Crown has been carefully made to appeal to the preferences and styles of brides. Pedro stones of different shapes and sizes are combined with various patterns to create a unique aesthetic. The design of the crown has been ergonomically designed to fit easily on brides' heads.

This special henna crown complements the elegance of the bride at the henna night and also serves as a souvenir. You can use this unique accessory on special occasions and special occasions, even after the henna night. Thanks to the quality and durability of the product, it will be with you for many years and will fascinate you every time.

Hayalperest Boncuk's Pedro Stone Bridal Henna Crown is a special accessory that allows brides and guests to shine with elegance at henna nights. It is a product that will complete your elegance, add sparkle to traditional henna ceremonies and give you an unforgettable experience. You can be a dazzling bride on your special days with the Pedro Stone Bridal Henna Crown.

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