Wholesale Feather Colored Halay Handkerchief

Wholesale Feather Colored Halay Handkerchief (TPTNKMLZ-071)

Price : 7.71 USD(Vat included)

For weddings, hennas, special occasions and engagement parties  etc. you can use...

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Artır Azalt

The sales price of the product is based on 1 piece.

Hayalperest Boncuk's fuzzy colored halay handkerchief is an accessory designed to be used in fun and colorful events. This handkerchief is an ideal option to create a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere for dancers.

Colorful halay handkerchief attracts attention with its lively and colorful feathers. Each tissue spreads energy and vitality as it moves. These handkerchiefs create a colorful atmosphere by using them in dance shows, weddings, celebrations and other special events.

Fuzzy colored halay handkerchiefs serve as a unique accessory for dancers. It offers a visual feast as feathers fly in the air as you move. It is also distributed to guests, increasing participation in events and encouraging sharing of fun.

Hayalperest Boncuk's fluffy colored halay handkerchief is a perfect option to add color to energetic and cheerful events. You can make your fun-filled moments even more unforgettable while dancing with these handkerchiefs.

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